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About us

We are passionate about creating wonderful digital solutions for amazing organisations who make a fantastic difference to our world.

For us, it’s all about the ripple effect…

Our world is your world

First, our small but perfectly formed lab of expert wondermakers take the time to truly understand your needs, experimenting to find the perfect blend of magic and logic for each project, mindfully testing and placing your users front and centre every step of the way.

Once the formula is perfected, our work goes on to create huge positive impact to our clients and partners by making a genuine difference to the lives of their users and beneficiaries.

From increasing online donations for Cerebral Palsy Cymru by 86% to helping 300,000 beneficiaries of the Fire Fighters Charity to increased access to health and wellbeing services, from combatting loneliness with the Lonely Not Alone campaign to making mindfulness more accessible with Samten, impact always matters to us. Because people, and making the world we share a more equal and better place, matters to us.    

Say hello

It’s amazing what can be done over a coffee, virtually or in person.  We would love to hear from you and chat about your needs and explore how we can help make a real difference.  Schedule a call or book a meeting and send us your brief and let’s get started.

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