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About us

At Digital Wonderlab, we're more than just a digital agency—we're your partners in creating impactful digital solutions.

As a proud Certified B Corporation® and dedicated members of 1% for The Planet, we are passionate about amplifying the voices and visions of purpose-driven start-ups, SMEs, not-for-profits, and global enterprises.

Together with our clients, we explore, design, and build positive digital futures. We utilise technical insight, strategy, and people-centric creativity to proactively shape the future we want to be a part of by designing and building effective websites, apps and software.

Our purpose


We believe technology can address societal challenges, promoting fairness and elevating organisational ambitions. Deeply invested in society, the planet, and future generations, we dedicate time, money, and resources to purpose-driven projects, making waves of positive change.

Last year, we donated 1476 hours and consistently commit 5% or more of our revenue to pro bono work. Our unique lab fuses social, commercial, creative, and tech sectors, pushing boundaries and reshaping digital horizons. We're wholeheartedly devoted to our work and our clients, always striving to make a difference one project at a time.


Our values and ethos


Our approach is rooted in genuine partnership, recognising that when we come together, great ideas truly shine.

  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Deep immersion and expertise
  • Building the right team
  • Open and agile principles
Our values weave through everything we do and underpin our approach
Eyes Wide Open

We ask why, be curious, interested and open (What can we see that others can’t?)

Once we understand the history and culture of an organisation - past and present - we form a clear picture of the future, one that all stakeholders can believe in. We’re interested, open minded and curious. We listen, ask questions, unpack beliefs and agree what will be needed for us to work well together. 


Challenge with Confidence

Ourselves, each other our clients (what is expected?, Are we clear?)

We build confidence with our clients when we challenge limiting assumptions and ask, ’how will we succeed, what is most important and what does that mean for the lives we touch?’ We build trust with each other when we ask, ‘what is my job, what is it that needs doing and that probably will not happen unless I take responsibility for it?


Make Space to Create

Breathing space for creativity and joy (for ourselves, our clients, the world)

We create space to breathe, share ideas and explore how they will come to life. We keep a healthy balance between work, play and having fun along the way. When we are well at work, we work well, which results in a better user experience for everyone – our people and their families, our clients and their customers and our wider community.

Craft with Purpose

Beauty, technology and capability (we harness and apply our talent)

The real beauty of craft is when it makes a difference and brings into existence something more considered, fit for purpose and that stands the test of time. We want our work-life to help make life work better: to stretch boundaries, affect behaviour, provide access, remove barriers, reduce inequality, enhance well-being and create opportunity for others.

Say hello

It’s amazing what can be done over a coffee, virtually or in person.  We would love to hear from you and chat about your needs and explore how we can help make a real difference.  Schedule a call or book a meeting and send us your brief and let’s get started.

Our latest Lab Notes