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Our approach

Fusing magic and logic to create impact

We believe every project needs a little bit of magic and logic, and together we will journey through discovery and dreaming to craft beautiful life enhancing digital solutions and experiences.

We immerse ourselves in your world and apply our expertise and experience to experiment with you to realise your ambitions.

We prioritise user experience and design, so that our creations talk to your people in a way that works for them, through the creative use of voice, the written word or visually engaging imagery.

We build the right project team for your culture and aspirations; consciously bringing together the people with the skills, experience and excitement for the vision to make the project a success.   From project management and user experience to creative design and illustration we have a diverse mix of skills, capabilities, backgrounds and passions to complement our clients' capabilities. 

We embrace and celebrate principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and community-oriented development and use open source platforms wherever possible.  

We are an Agile agency, and whether you are new to Agile or it is embedded within your organisation we can take you by the hand or run alongside you. Reaping the rewards Agile delivers in innovation and adaption. Our values underpin our agile process to ensure we focus on the impact our solutions need to make in the world. 

The Wonderlab way


Understanding your needs and your users’ needs by immersing ourselves into your world and exploring existing and emerging technologies for the best solutions to deliver the greatest impact

#Research #Audit #Discovery #Options Appraisal


Enabling you to see new possibilities, imagine what could be and exploring the probable and improbable. We create the space to define your digital ambition.

#Vision #Strategy #Maturity #Roadmap



Creating collectively, we work as one with you, experimenting to learn what will work best and deliver the greatest success and positive impact

#User Testing #User Research #Solution Design #Prototyping #User Orientated Design


Releasing your solution early to the world whilst enabling it to continually evolve and mature. Enabling you to grow and deliver from initial release to full solution

#Creative Design #Development #Agile Delivery #Continual Improvement

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