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Kim Hannon: Our trailblazing transformation consultant in tech

INSIGHTS | 21st November 2023

Article by Heather Duhig

In the swiftly changing world of technology, where adaptability and innovation are key, standout leadership is not just beneficial—it's imperative. In this feature, we spotlight Kim Hannon, a transformation consultant whose work epitomises effective leadership and transformative impact in the tech industry. Her journey with Digital Wonderlab and beyond serves as an inspiring testament to what visionary leadership can achieve in tech.


A legacy of impactful leadership:

Before her time at Digital Wonderlab, Kim spent 15 years contributing significantly to Project, Programme, and Change consultancy across various industries. This extensive background uniquely equips her to lead digital transformations that are not just disruptive but also sustainable. Her ability to guide organisations towards digital maturity has set them on a path of leveraging technology for enduring success.


Transforming Dorothy House with vision and strategy:

At Digital Wonderlab, Kim's most notable achievement has been her transformative work with Dorothy House. Faced with the dual challenge of initiating immediate change and fostering a future-proof culture, Kim's approach went beyond a technological overhaul. She established a change culture rooted in flexibility, inclusiveness, and long-term vision, transforming Dorothy House in a way that penetrated deep into its operational and strategic fabric.


Praise from peers and leaders:

Amanda Simpson, Head of Business and Programme Development, lauds Kim as a "powerhouse of enthusiasm and experience." Similarly, Tony De Jaeger, Deputy CEO and Director of Finance, recognises her as a "true champion of tech and digital in the workplace."


Beyond operational milestones - shaping the future of tech:

Kim's influence goes beyond her role, serving as an exemplary figure for women in the industry. She is a living proof that women can not only participate but also lead transformative initiatives in tech. As Nathan Baranowski, CTO (Fractional) of Dorothy House, puts it, "Kim has single-handedly taken Dorothy House from chaos to order, enabling the entire organisation to better plan, deliver, and collaborate for enhanced outcomes."


A superwoman in the tech world:

Kim's work with other charities like The Fire Fighters Charity and Helen & Douglas House, all within a three-day working week, further highlights her exceptional capabilities. She literally is super woman.   


Kim Hannon is more than just a consultant; she is a visionary leader whose work with Dorothy House and other organisations has significantly advanced the tech community. Her achievements are a powerful statement of what can be accomplished with visionary leadership in technology.


Inspired by Kim’s transformative leadership and want to explore how your organisation can benefit from similar expertise? Reach out to us to discuss how our team, led by industry leaders like Kim, can help steer your business towards technological innovation and digital maturity. Contact us today to embark on your journey of transformation.

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Heather Duhig

Marketing Manager

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