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Your website shouldn't be an island

INSIGHTS | September 1st 2021

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Your website is the primary entry point to your customer. It's your digital shop window and your opportunity to stand out, to tell your story and to engage with your audience - both now and in the future.

Yet your website should never be an island. It should be truly integrated as part of an ecosystem, working hard for you and your purpose as part of a clear digital strategy.

Article by Kevin Triggle

As a society still coming to grips with the unexpected and unsettling events of 2020, we find ourselves well and truly in the midst of a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

When it comes to technologically driven change, Covid-19 forcibly moved us forward at least 2 years in just six months. The way in which we all work has been radically transformed, with digital firmly at the centre.

Whatever the future holds, digital transformation is unquestionably here to stay. Eyes have been opened globally to technology’s rich possibilities, and the future growth of many sectors now lies in harnessing the power of big data, AI and Apps, amongst other innovative tech developments.

Your business can, and must, keep pace with technological change to not only survive, but to thrive. While websites are the starting point for many organisations, there are five key reasons why your website should not be left alone as an island. 

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About the author

Kevin Triggle

Heads up our Creative bunch, Kevin not only make things look pretty (damn good!) but does so in a way that people love to use too! Our clients enjoy his rapid response to all things design related.

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