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Designing futures

We create memorable user experiences and beautifully designed digital solutions that bring your brand to life, delight your customers and enable you to engage more online. 

From robust user research, prototypes, user testing, experimenting with your brand, or creating new digital experiences, we take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

How we can help

User Research

We delve deep, never assuming or guessing. Knowing your users and understanding their needs is key between an okay solution and a great one. We experiment with multiple qualitative research techniques, from card sorting, tree testing and user interviews. We then combine the findings with Google Analytics data to really understand your users' needs. We will also explore user profiles and journey mapping in collaborative workshops, bringing teams together and helping understand your customer’s needs.  

Our qualitative and quantitative research includes… 

  • User & market research  
  • Card sorting, tree testing and user interviews  
  • Persona profiling  
  • Competitor reviews 
  • Exploratory workshops and questionnaires  
  • User journey mapping  
  • User behaviour analysis (Google Analytics and heat mapping)  
  • Participant recruitment  


We prioritise designing websites that are accessible to all. We ensure that everyone can find the information they need seamlessly and in compliance with WCAG AA standards. Whether looking to check your brand, content, or site is fully accessible, to designing with key users in mind, we will help you audit what you have and put in place an accessible solution for all. 

Enabling your accessibility through… 

  • Usability and accessibility audits 
  • Accessibility brand assessment (colour palette and design)  
  • Accessible design and copy  


We develop prototypes, allowing you to test ideas and refine solutions. From outline wireframes (low fidelity) to detailed clickable prototypes (high fidelity), we can help bring your ideas to life.  

We deliver rapid prototypes to bring your concept to life… 

  • Information architecture 
  • Outline wireframes (low fidelity) concepts  
  • Full clickable wireframes (high fidelity) concepts  
  • Full prototypes that mock the end solution to give you and your users a first look at what will be delivered.  

User Testing

We believe there isn’t such a thing as too much testing. It can give greater insight into your target audience’s wants and needs and sometimes give you the best ideas for your site. From quick agile testing rounds, which focus on a specific area of your site, to fully structured testing and recruitment, we provide tailored user testing to take your solution to the next level. 

We offer a range of testing to suit your needs…  

  • Recruitment of participants and testing online or in labs nationwide  
  • Prototype testing 
  • Agile user testing  
  • Fully structured testing  

Creative Digital Design

Our highly experienced creative design team craft immersive user experiences to bring your brand and solution to life. Whether mobile or large screen, website or app, our team create considered design solutions that delight your users and make the impact you need. 

We create impactful design across… 

  • Apps 
  • Responsive websites 
  • Art direction 
  • Social media 
  • Visual branding

How we work

At Digital Wonderlab, our approach is a blend of creativity, strategy, and technology. Our small but perfectly formed lab of expert wondermakers have over 20 years of experience helping design beautiful and innovative digital solutions. Find out more about us.

Cath Murray Howard – Director of Strategy and Development, The Disabilities Trust

"When Digital Wonderlab say they’re going to do something they are absolutely accountable for it – and they have the ability to then flex accordingly"

James Berry - CEO, Great Western Credit Union

"Digital Wonderlab’s clear focus has led to a truly connected tech ecosystem, with a number of solutions seamlessly working together in the background to really support our members"

Barbara Gray – Director of Income Generation and Communications, WAA

"It was very apparent that Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it"

Martin Smith — Finance Director, The Fire Fighters Charity

"Digital Wonderlab’s team has been hugely approachable, open and transparent throughout our strategic digital transformation process - we’ve had great confidence in their judgement and knowledge"

Phil Innes – Creative Director, Effervescent

"Thank you so much for rising to the challenge and pulling it off with such aplomb, charm and obvious commitment to the campaign. Beautiful stuff! What a marvellous thing we have done!"

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