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Stuart Hobbs

Head of Creative Design

Stuart, Design Luminary at Digital Wonderlab. Before joining Digital Wonderlab, Stuart led a design team at a top-tier content marketing agency. There, he sculpted transformative design narratives for a spectrum of clients, from commercial giants to heartfelt charities and membership organisations.

A master of many disciplines, Stuart is a creative, passionate, detail-focussed and highly experienced design lead. Whether an app, site or social post, for each project his approach is always centred around creating design that makes a difference. He focusses on understanding both the clients’ objectives and their target audience to create user-optimised products that delight customers and clients alike. 

More about Stuart

Enjoys most about work

Very soon after joining us, Stuart was struck with the real difference the work we create here can make. Seeing the impact projects like Lonely Not Alone had truly changed the way Stuart thinks about why he comes to work.

Hobbies outside of work

Stuart enjoys gardening and listening to music (simultaneously, on occasion 🤯).

Key projects

One Dance UK, Lonely Not Alone, IAAPS and iDEA with St John Ambulance. Check out our case studies here.