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Heather Duhig

Marketing Manager

Heather, Marketing Maestro at Digital Wonderlab. From electric vehicles to education to social housing, Heather's marketing journey has been as diverse as it has been impactful. This eclectic background provided her with a wealth of experience, from spearheading launch campaigns for budding start-ups to orchestrating company re-brands and communication strategies for digital transformation.

At the heart of Heather's expertise lies her passion for digital marketing. Using digital channels to help understand your users, foster online communities, craft engaging narratives, and deliver content that not only captivates but also provides deep insights.

More about Heather

Key skills

Heather's key skills sit within Campaign Management, Communications, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing and Design.

Enjoys most about work

Heather is inspired by the power of digital to create positive change. Being able to share the stories of our clients and help others to understand the impact that can be made with digital.

Fun fact

Heather spent three years living in Malaysia as a child.