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Tom Passmore

Technical Director

Technical Maestro at Digital Wonderlab. With over 20 years experience, Tom is fuelled by a passion for digital innovation. As a full-stack programmer, he boasts an exceptional specialisation in back-end development, ensuring that the core foundations of projects are robust and seamless.

Tom relishes a new challenge, and its precisely these sort of things that drive him. As the go-to technical consultant for our landmark projects, he is deeply embedded in Digital Wonderlab's R&D programme. His contributions span from app development to optimising hosting requirements, reimagining infrastructure, and fine-tuning content management tools.

More about Tom

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs used in Tom's work include: c#, .Net and Microsoft stack.

Tom as a superhero

Supercoder, with the ability to problem solve and come up with the best solution.

Key projects

Some of Tom's key projects include Great Western Credit Union, Stratigens and Lonely Not Alone. Check out the case studies