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Building futures

We architect, design, and build robust, secure and scalable websites, mobile apps and software solutions that bring the best technologies together. 

Whether you are looking to improve what you have already or start from scratch, our solutions are relevant, engaging, flexible, mobile-first, search engine optimised and work perfectly for you and your users. 

How we can help

Solution Design

With over two decades of experience, we use top-notch technologies to craft digital solutions that align with your business needs and user requirements.   

We approach every project with our eyes wide open, challenge assumptions, and ensure we bring together the best in open source, cloud services and bespoke to deliver your solution. We know what works and what doesn’t - and we are continually exploring and testing new products and approaches to ensure the solutions we build are robust, fit for purpose and scalable to meet your needs. 

Enabling your solution… 

  • Explore the right technologies and approach including in the latest in Enterprise Cloud Architecture from data to security to ensure your solution will scale with you  
  • Define and prioritise your needs into a clear user stories so we know what is most important  
  • Architect what you need in a way you need it.  Maximising what you have and bringing together the key elements to provide a fully integrated experience  

Website Design & Development

We’ve been designing and building websites for over 20 years.  As an Umbraco Platinum partner we use the latest in Umbraco open-source content management system (CMS) and dedicated cloud services to enable your business to thrive online.  From brochure sites to fully integrated platforms we bring together a deep technical knowledge with our ability to craft immersive user experiences.   

You will never need a new website…  

  • Fully certified dedicated Umbraco team  
  • Fully managed service using dedicated Umbraco Cloud hosting  
  • Bespoke designs that focus on bringing your brand to life  

Mobile Apps

We build mobile phone apps for Android, Apple iOS, OSX and Windows using native solutions. Working with you, we will ensure your app uses the right technology to meet your current and future needs; whilst ensuring it has the right elements to make it compelling and unimaginably sticky for your users - so they simply cannot put it down. 

Your app development needs met…  

  • Native iOS, Android, and Windows  
  • Designed for mobile and desktop  
  • Using the latest in React or Maui technologies  

Web Apps

We develop web applications using the latest in HTML and Java languages. This enables your idea to be delivered fast to market and efficiently evolved and improved through rapid application development - giving you the best of the online and offline world. From building financial management solutions to e-learning and surveys, web apps provide the highest level of flexibility and scalability to meet your needs. 

Your app development needs met…  

  • Native app wrappers for iOS and Android 
  • Built for mobile and desktop  
  • Using the latest in web technologies  

Bespoke Cloud Software

We have extensive experience in designing and developing integrated cloud applications and software. From customer-facing portals that integrate with your back-office systems to fully bespoke solutions to enable your organisation to scale, automate and reduce costs. We know how to develop robust, fit for purpose, scalable platforms to allow your organisation to achieve its objectives.  

Your cloud solution…  

  • Single page applications using React or Maui as well as HTML  
  • Fully integrated services to enterprise applications including CRM, ERP, HR and Finance  
  • Highly secure and scalable using the latest in cloud services from Microsoft Azure and AWS 

How we work

At Digital Wonderlab, our approach is a blend of creativity, strategy, and technology. Our small but perfectly formed lab of expert wondermakers have over 20 years of experience helping design beautiful and innovative digital solutions. Find out more about us.

Cath Murray Howard – Director of Strategy and Development, The Disabilities Trust

"When Digital Wonderlab say they’re going to do something they are absolutely accountable for it – and they have the ability to then flex accordingly"

James Berry - CEO, Great Western Credit Union

"Digital Wonderlab’s clear focus has led to a truly connected tech ecosystem, with a number of solutions seamlessly working together in the background to really support our members"

Barbara Gray – Director of Income Generation and Communications, WAA

"It was very apparent that Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it"

Martin Smith — Finance Director, The Fire Fighters Charity

"Digital Wonderlab’s team has been hugely approachable, open and transparent throughout our strategic digital transformation process - we’ve had great confidence in their judgement and knowledge"

Phil Innes – Creative Director, Effervescent

"Thank you so much for rising to the challenge and pulling it off with such aplomb, charm and obvious commitment to the campaign. Beautiful stuff! What a marvellous thing we have done!"

Our latest Lab Notes