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Our services

We transform your digital vision into reality.

From startups to not-for-profits to global enterprises, we craft bespoke digital solutions tailored to your unique objectives. Ready to embark on your digital journey Schedule a call today with our team of Wondermakers to find out how, or send us your brief.

Exploring futures

We help you understand your digital landscape and develop digital strategies that make your visions a reality.

  • Creative problem solving and ideation 
  • Audits, strategy and managed transformation 

We collaborate with you to understand your options, whether that's solving a problem or seeking ideas to meet your user’s needs. Our multi-disciplinary team work with you to explore choices, form ideas to deep research, and test them to ensure you have a way forward that will work for you.

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We craft bespoke digital strategies, ensuring you can effectively harness the power of digital transformation and build them into a robust a plan to take you from firm foundations to exceeding your strategic ambitions.

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We develop programmes of change, train agile teams and provide you with the skills to take on the long journey, whilst giving you the capacity to manage the change and realise the benefits. 

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Designing futures

We create memorable user experiences and beautifully designed digital solutions that bring your brand to life. 

  • User research and testing  
  • Creative design  
  • Prototyping and concept development 

We delve deep, never assuming or guessing. Knowing your users and understanding their needs is key between an ok solution and a great one. We experiment with multiple qualitative research techniques, from card sorting, tree testing and user interviews. We then combine the findings with Google Analytics data to really understand your user's needs. We will also explore user profiles and journey mapping in collaborative workshops, bringing teams together and helping understand your customer’s needs. 

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We prioritise designing websites that are accessible to all. We ensure that everyone can find the information they need seamlessly and in compliance with WCAG AA standards. Whether looking to check your brand, content, or site is fully accessible, to designing with key users in mind, we will help you audit what you have and put in place an accessible solution for all.

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We develop prototypes, allowing you to test ideas and refine solutions. From outline wireframes (low fidelity) to detailed clickable prototypes (high fidelity), we can help bring your ideas to life. 

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We believe there isn’t such a thing as too much testing. It can give greater insight into your target audience’s wants and needs and sometimes give you the best ideas for your site. From quick agile testing rounds, which focus on a specific area of your site, to fully structured testing and recruitment, we provide tailored user testing to take your solution to the next level.

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We craft immersive user experiences to bring your brand and solution to life. Be it on mobile or large screen, we bring creative design and activities to life to delight your users.

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Building futures

We architect, design, build scalable websites, apps and bespoke software solutions.

  • Solution design and architecting 
  • Umbraco websites  
  • Web and mobile apps  
  • Bespoke cloud software

With over two decades of experience, we use top-notch technologies to craft digital solutions that align with your business needs and user requirements.

We approach every project with our eyes wide open, challenge assumptions, and ensure we bring together the best in open source, cloud services and bespoke to deliver your solution. We know what works and what doesn’t - and we are continually exploring and testing new products and approaches to ensure the solutions we build are robust, fit for purpose and scalable to meet your needs.

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We’ve designed and built websites for over 20 years. Using the latest in open-source content management systems (CMS) and cloud integrations, our focus is to enable your business to thrive online. From engaging brochure sites to attract new customers, e-commerce sites to deliver your business virtually, or charity donation and event-driven platforms - we know how to make your website work wonders for you.

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We build mobile phone apps for Android, Apple iOS, OSX and Windows using native solutions. Working with you, we will ensure your app uses the right technology to meet your current and future needs; whilst ensuring it has the right elements to make it compelling and unimaginably sticky for your users - so they simply cannot put it down.

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We develop web applications using the latest in HTML and Java languages. This enables your idea to be delivered fast to market and efficiently evolved and improved through rapid application development - giving you the best of the online and offline world. From building financial management solutions to e-learning and surveys, web apps provide the highest level of flexibility and scalability to meet your needs.

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We have extensive experience in designing and developing integrated cloud applications and software. From customer-facing portals that integrate with your back-office systems to fully bespoke solutions to enable your organisation to scale, automate and reduce costs. We know how to develop robust, fit for purpose, scalable platforms to allow your organisation to achieve its objectives. 

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You’re in safe hands

We’ve been partnering with organisations of all shapes and sizes to deliver real positive digital impact for over 15 years. 

Digital Wonderlab is a small agency by choice. Our compact size ensures we remain focused, passionate, and agile in our delivery, yet punch well above our weight. What truly stands out is our two-decades of strategic, creative and technical expertise, allowing us to deeply understand your business challenges and partner with you to make lasting positive impact.  Turning complexity into clarity, propelling you towards your digital future.

Our key sectors include:

  • Finance
  • Education and learning 
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Energy and climate
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