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Exploring futures

We help you understand your digital landscape and develop digital strategies that make your vision and dreams a reality.

Whether it's researching the latest technologies, understanding your barriers to becoming a digital first organisation or developing a roadmap to support your journey, we help you define the change you need to enable your digital ambitions.

How we can help

Creative problem-solving

Our multi-disciplinary team collaborate with you to understand your options, whether that's solving a problem or seeking ideas to meet your user’s needs.

We enable you to…

  • Fully understand your options, explore choices and form ideas
  • Test solutions to ensure you have a way forward that will work for you

Digital audit

We offer quick and comprehensive digital audits to make sense of your current landscape, identify key issues and make recommendations to ensure your organisation is digitally fit for the future.

We enable you to…

  • Understand your whole digital ecosystem: technical, data and systems as well as people, culture and appetite
  • Know where your attention is needed through clear RAG rating and recommendations on what must be done as well as areas to explore to propel towards your digital ambitions
  • Maximise what you have to realise the benefits of your investments

Insight and trends

We equip you with insights into the broader tech environment and specific innovation within your sector, allowing a clearer vision of the surrounding digital landscape.

We enable you to…

  • Explore future possibilities through deep research and insight
  • Look wide and see new possibilities by understanding what might be learnt from other sectors

Digital maturity

We utilise digital maturity assessment models to help you understand where you are now and set aspirational goals, fostering a digital first culture. 

We enable you to…

  • Understand the gap between the present and the future
  • Where to place your focus to enable the biggest gains
  • Understand the building blocks needed to realise your strategic goals

Digital strategy

We craft bespoke digital strategies, ensuring you can effectively harness the power of digital transformation. Whether you're looking to understand how digital can help, leverage the latest digital innovations, or seek to maximise your return on existing investments.

We enable you to…

  • See future possibilities that digital can offer to enable your organisation to thrive
  • Amplify your business and deliver better outcomes faster
  • Define your digital future and key objectives
  • Shape your strategic investments and future direction

Digital roadmaps

We collaborate with you to craft a roadmap, ensuring you have the right skills, timings and budgets in place to develop a plan to take you from firm foundations to exceeding your strategic ambitions.

We enable you to…

  • Prioritise and define the pace of change
  • Sequence your digital strategy into a coherent plan
  • Define the investment levels needed to realise your ambitions

Managed digital transformation

Change isn't easy and digital transformation is the ultimate change programme. To be successful, you need to take your people with you. We know how to develop programmes of change, train agile teams and provide you with the skills to take on the long journey, whilst giving you the capacity to manage the change and realise the benefits. From programme, people and change management to assurance and training, we have a multi-disciplined team who can scale to meet your needs. 

We enable you to…

  • Deliver well through robust change and programme delivery methodologies and approaches
  • Build capable teams fast through factional CTOs and change delivery teams
  • Sustain positive change through creating the necessary skills and capability internally to lead the change
  • Realise the benefits of your investments earlier

Free eBook

Download our eBook Enabling Your Digital Ambition to take 5 simple steps to developing a great digital strategy

How we work

At Digital Wonderlab, our approach is a blend of creativity, strategy, and technology. Our small but perfectly formed lab of expert wondermakers have over 20 years of experience helping design beautiful and innovative digital solutions. Find out more about us.

Cath Murray Howard – Director of Strategy and Development, The Disabilities Trust

"When Digital Wonderlab say they’re going to do something they are absolutely accountable for it – and they have the ability to then flex accordingly"

James Berry - CEO, Great Western Credit Union

"Digital Wonderlab’s clear focus has led to a truly connected tech ecosystem, with a number of solutions seamlessly working together in the background to really support our members"

Barbara Gray – Director of Income Generation and Communications, WAA

"It was very apparent that Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it"

Martin Smith — Finance Director, The Fire Fighters Charity

"Digital Wonderlab’s team has been hugely approachable, open and transparent throughout our strategic digital transformation process - we’ve had great confidence in their judgement and knowledge"

Phil Innes – Creative Director, Effervescent

"Thank you so much for rising to the challenge and pulling it off with such aplomb, charm and obvious commitment to the campaign. Beautiful stuff! What a marvellous thing we have done!"

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