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Kevin Triggle

Director of Web Solutions

Head of Umbraco Delivery

Kevin, Umbraco Pro & Design Virtuoso at Digital Wonderlab. Before becoming a pivotal figure at the Wonderlab, Kevin was the mastermind behind Bluebus Studios, his very own successful web venture. His credentials are further enhanced by being an accredited Umbraco Professional as well as leading our Umbraco Platinum partnership, ensuring that his work stands out in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

With key proficiencies in Web  Design & Development, Kevin seamlessly weaves functionality with aesthetics. And while his knack for 'plate spinning' might sound playful, it's a testament to his ability to juggle multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, always ensuring that each plate stays in the air and every client's needs are met.

However, what truly sets Kevin apart is his profound commitment to client empowerment. He is driven by a desire to help clients harness the power of technology, enabling them to achieve greater heights within their organisations.

More about Kevin

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs used in Kevin's work include: Visual Studio, Umbraco Cloud, HTML, CSS, JS, .Net, SQL 

Fun fact

Kevin hiked to and spent a night at the Tibetan side base camp of Mt Everest!

Key project

Oxford University - Department of Engineering was a key project for Kevin, upgrading and migrating this huge site to the cloud.