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Adam Lansley

Front End Developer

Adam, Front-End Dynamo at Digital Wonderlab. With a solid foundation rooted in a degree in software engineering, Adam seamlessly transitioned into the realm of front-end development. His past experiences have not only honed his technical capabilities but have also fostered an exceptional aptitude for problem-solving and effective communication.

Armed with an impressive tech stack, Adam mastered technologies such as React, Git, and Docker, ensuring that every project benefits from the latest advancements in the field. Couple this with his preferred tools of the trade, WebStorm and Chrome, and you have a developer who's fully equipped to tackle any digital challenge.

The diverse range and profound impact of the projects fuel his enthusiasm, pushing him to consistently deliver solutions that not only look great but also make a genuine difference.

More about Adam

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs Adam works with are: React, Git, Docker, WebStorm and Chrome.

Superpower would be

The ability to learn anything instantly.

Key projects

iDEA was a key project for Adam.