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Future-Proof Your Site: Plan Your Umbraco 10 Upgrade

INSIGHTS | 20th May 2024

Article by Kevin Triggle

As we approach the End of Life (EOL) of Umbraco Version 10 on June 16, 2025, understanding the necessity of upgrading your digital platform becomes crucial. This transition is not merely technical but a strategic move essential for enhancing your online presence. Working with experienced Umbraco developers, particularly Umbraco Platinum Partners like ourselves, offers significant advantages in navigating this essential change. This guide explains why timely upgrades are crucial and how expert guidance can make a difference.


Understanding the Impact of EOL for Umbraco V10

'End of Life' means that post-June 16, 2025, Umbraco Version 10 will no longer receive updates or support. As this date approaches, it is critical to acknowledge the risks of operating an unsupported version, which can increase vulnerability to security threats and reduce system efficiency, potentially harming your website’s functionality.


Risks Associated with Delaying Your Upgrade

Postponing the upgrade process poses several risks:

  • Operational risks: Delays can lead to rushed transitions, increasing the likelihood of disruptions, inaccuracies in data handling, and inadequate testing.
  • Financial implications: As the EOL nears, the demand for skilled Umbraco developers is likely to rise, which could drive up the costs associated with these essential services.
  • Performance setbacks: Operating on an outdated CMS means missing out on the latest features that could enhance the efficiency and user experience of your website.


Benefits of Early Upgrade Initiatives

Engaging early with the upgrade process to a newer Long-Term Support (LTS) version of Umbraco is beneficial. Starting early allows for thorough evaluations, development of custom solutions, and extensive testing—all essential for maintaining optimal site performance and security. This planned approach ensures a smooth transition, maintaining an excellent user experience and functional integrity of your website.


Invest in Your Site’s Future with Umbraco Platinum Partners

By partnering with Umbraco Platinum Partners like Digital Wonderlab, you gain access to unparalleled expertise and direct support from Umbraco HQ. Our team of experienced Umbraco developers has a proven track record of successful platform transitions, ensuring that your upgrade transcends mere technical changes to enhance your overall digital strategy.


Future-Proof Your Website with Expert Guidance

As a leading website design agency in Wiltshire, we are committed to preparing your site for upcoming changes. If your current Umbraco version is nearing EOL, reach out to us. Our free consultation will discuss how we can secure and advance your website effectively.


About the author

Kevin Triggle

Heads up our Creative bunch, Kevin not only make things look pretty (damn good!) but does so in a way that people love to use too! Our clients enjoy his rapid response to all things design related.

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