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Laura Pinkstone

Head of User Experience

Laura, Head of UX at Digital Wonderlab. With over a decade of expertise in User Experience, Laura stands as the cornerstone of Digital Wonderlab's UX department. Prior to joining our team, she was a sought-after User Experience consultant, lending her expertise to renowned organisations like McCarthy & Stone, The Open University, and AXA self investor. This extensive experience has allowed Laura to cultivate an impeccable understanding of the user-centric design process.

Laura's prowess extends from user profiling and journey mapping to the intricate art of wireframing and prototyping. Her workshops are transformative sessions, geared towards diving deep into the challenges users face, and she's unmatched in her ability to translate those insights into actionable solutions. Laura's keen eye for understanding user problems and her meticulous approach to user testing and research ensures that every solution is tailored for optimum user engagement.

More about Laura

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs used in Laura's work include: Adobe XD, 
Adobe Photoshop,  Figma, Miro and Optimal Workshop.

Enjoys most about work

What Laura enjoys most about working at Digital Wonderlab is the variety of projects and the amazing work we do with different charities.

Key projects

Laura's key projects have been Great Western Credit Union, The Carers' Centre and iDEA with St. John Ambulance. Check out the case studies