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Our Essential Guide to Designing Accessible Websites

INSIGHTS | 16th May 2024

Article by Laura Pinkstone

The digital world is evolving, and so are the standards that ensure it remains accessible to all. With the European Accessibility Act (EAA) set to become law across EU member states in June 2025, understanding and preparing for its requirements is more critical than ever. This transformative legislation will require all businesses looking to operate within the EU to ensure their digital products and services are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability.


Why Accessibility Matters More Than You Think

Accessibility is not just about aiding those with disabilities; it's about creating a user-friendly experience for everyone. Whether due to aging, temporary impairments, or permanent disabilities, at some point, many of us will benefit from more accessible technology. Embracing accessibility means enhancing user experience, broadening your market reach, and fostering inclusivity in an increasingly diverse consumer space.


About Our Guide

Authored by Laura, Head of UX at Digital Wonderlab, and backed by her four years of deep experience in the field, our guide dives into all things accessibility. Laura’s expertise in adapting services for diverse user groups and her commitment to being the "voice of the user" ensures that our guide offers practical insights and actionable advice. From understanding the scope of the EAA to implementing its standards, the guide is an invaluable resource for anyone who wants to stay compliant and competitive in the European market.


Inside the Accessibility Guide

Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about accessibility:

  • Detailed Overview: What the EAA means for your business and how it extends beyond traditional boundaries to include a variety of digital products and services.
  • Compliance Tips: Practical steps to ensure your digital offerings are accessible and compliant with the new regulations.
  • User-Centric Design Strategies: How to incorporate accessibility into your design process from the start.
  • Case Studies and Examples: Real-world applications and the benefits companies have seen from prioritising accessibility.


Why Download the Guide?

The EAA is not just another regulatory hurdle; it is an opportunity to lead in accessibility and innovation. Our guide provides you with the knowledge and tools to:

  • Enhance your brand’s reputation as a leader in inclusivity.
  • Avoid legal pitfalls and potential fines associated with non-compliance.
  • Open your services to an even larger audience, including the 1.3 billion people worldwide who experience some form of disability.


Don't wait until 2025 — start preparing now. Download our guide today and take the first step towards a more accessible and inclusive future. Embrace the change that the European Accessibility Act brings and turn compliance into a competitive advantage.


Download the Guide Now


Embracing website accessibility is not just about complying with laws; it's about creating an inclusive digital space that welcomes everyone. By understanding and implementing accessibility standards, your business can reach a wider audience, enhance user experience, and foster a more inclusive society. Don't let your website be a barrier—make it a gateway to inclusivity and compliance. If you need support with accessibility, get in touch with our expert team. 

About the author

Laura Pinkstone

UX Designer

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