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Our Impact Report 2022-23: A year of positive impact

NEWS | October 11th 2023

Article by Nathan Baranowski

October marks the release of our 'Impact Report 2022-23', a comprehensive summary of our most significant achievements, ambitions, and innovations over the past year. The report highlights our commitment to our people, our community, our work, and our planet. With transparency and accountability at the forefront, we are excited to share our journey.

We've pulled out some areas of the report to share here, but you're invited to check out the full report at the bottom of this post. 


Empowering Our People

Our greatest asset has always been our people. This year, we embarked on an initiative that further embedded democratic decision-making into our organisational DNA - the Citizens Assembly. Through the assembly, every individual has a voice, ensuring that we co-create a future that benefits all.


Celebrating our Wonder Women

A notable highlight from this year’s report is the section titled 'Wonder Women'. We are incredibly proud of the progress we have made towards addressing the gender pay gap, with our female staff earning 1.77% more overall. This is a great step towards achieving pay equity across the company and is in stark contrast to the UK average, where women earn 14.9% less than men. Our commitment to gender equality is unwavering, and this statistic speaks volumes about our progress in this arena.


Outstanding projects and initiatives

As we reflect on our work from the past year, the report showcases some of our most exceptional projects. Each venture demonstrates our dedication to excellence, innovation, and meaningful impact. From local endeavours to global collaborations, our team has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations.


Community engagement and charitable activities

At the heart of our ethos is a deep-seated commitment to the community. The last year, our charitable and community activities reached new heights. Working with some incredible local organisations, we threw ourselves into raising funds and championing great causes.


Tech achievements

Our dedication to technological exploration and advancement has never been stronger. Since 2022, we dove deep into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Not only did we solidify our position as Umbraco Gold Partners (and have since become Platinum), but we also engaged in groundbreaking AI projects and collaborations, reaffirming our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of technology. As AI continues to shape the future, we are poised to be pioneers in harnessing its potential for innovative solutions and transformative results.


A Greener Future: Committing to Our Planet

Our report is not complete without addressing the global environmental challenges we face. We are keenly aware of our responsibility and have outlined concrete commitments to ensure a sustainable future. Through innovative practices, partnerships, and policy changes, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a greener, cleaner world.


Our 'Impact Report 2022-23' is not just a reflection of our past but a blueprint for our future. We invite everyone to have a read of this document, engage with our story, and join us in our ongoing journey towards excellence, equity, and environmental stewardship.


You can view the full Impact Report 2022-23, or flick through below!

About the author

Nathan Baranowski

Digital Strategy & Solutions Architect

Chief Wondermaker and Head of Big Thinking, Tech Innovation & Solution Design at the wonderlab of all things digital, Nathan is the lead data scientist and "Super Thinker" in the team - and makes a great cup of coffee (or two).

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