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What it means to be a 'Woman in Tech': Beyond Coding and Stereotypes

INSIGHTS | 20th November 2023

Article by Heather Duhig

The tech sector, historically viewed as a male-dominated domain, has been undergoing a transformative shift, driven in part by remarkable women who are redefining what it means to be a 'Woman in Tech'. Whilst coding and programming are integral to the tech world, it's vital to acknowledge that women in the industry are not solely filling coding roles but also leading strategic, design, and leadership positions pivotal to technology's advancement.


Unravelling the stereotype

When one thinks of tech, it's easy to imagine individuals engrossed in lines of code. But it's essential to broaden this vision. The tech industry encompasses a vast array of roles—from project managers and UX designers to consultants and leaders. Women, alongside their male counterparts, are excelling in various niches, bringing innovation, leadership, and transformative visions to the forefront.


Women at the forefront of technological evolution

Technology is a dynamic field, perpetually evolving, and it requires a unique blend of resilience, innovation, and foresight. Women in tech, such as Kim Hannon, Katherine Shotliff, and Laura Pinkstone, are exemplary figures who embody these traits, proving that the essence of tech extends beyond coding. Their journeys resonate with dedication, strategic leadership, and a drive to make technology more human-centric and accessible.


Championing diversity in tech

Diverse perspectives are essential for innovation. With an increasing number of women entering the tech arena, we're witnessing an infusion of fresh ideas, strategies, and approaches. This diversity not only leads to enhanced products and services but also fosters a culture of inclusivity, where every voice, regardless of gender, is heard and valued.


Powerhouses of Digital Wonderlab

Kim Hannon, Transformation Consultant: With a distinguished career spanning 15 years, Kim exemplifies leadership in tech. Her strategic vision and transformative strategies, particularly her work with Dorothy House, underscore the depth of her contributions. Beyond her operational roles, Kim actively bridges the gender gap, advocating for a stronger female presence in the sector.


Katherine Shotliff, UX Designer: Katherine merges her urban design experiences with digital spaces, creating intuitive and efficient user experiences. Her designs, rooted in real-world insights, challenge traditional UX paradigms, proving that tech design is as much about understanding human experiences as it is about aesthetics and functionality.


Laura Pinkstone, Head of User Experience: With a background outside traditional tech, Laura shows that passion and an understanding of human needs can lead to profound tech innovations. Her collaboration with Thermal Energy International stands as testimony to her unique blend of insight and technical adaptability.


The future is inclusive

The tech sector's future holds promise for even greater inclusivity. As more women assume roles traditionally perceived as male-centric, the industry becomes richer and more diverse. These women, and countless others, serve as inspirations, demonstrating that 'Women in Tech' is a multifaceted term, encapsulating coders, leaders, strategists, designers, and visionaries. Their stories urge us to look beyond stereotypes and recognise the depth of female contributions in moulding the digital world.


By embracing the comprehensive contributions of women, we can only anticipate even greater advances in technology. It's time we champion and celebrate the diverse roles women play, as they not only redefine the tech industry but also pave the way for future generations.

About the author

Heather Duhig

Marketing Manager

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