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Nathan Love

Web Developer

Nathan, Creative UX Mastermind at Digital Wonderlab. Before joining Digital Wonderlab, Nathan was honing his UX expertise at a vibrant local creative agency, delivering top-tier user experiences. With a toolkit filled with UX design, and the technical abilities of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, Nathan possesses a blend of creativity and coding finesse.

Nathan thrives on exploring ways to infuse his creative essence into every project, always seeking fresh and engaging ways to elevate the user journey. Each project Nathan's undertakes is a testament to his passion, ensuring that Digital Wonderlab's creations aren't just user-friendly but are also innovative masterpieces.

More about Nathan

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs Nathan works with are: Figma, Adobe XD, VS Code, Visual Studio 2022 and Umbraco.

Hobbies outside of work

Outside of work Nathan enjoys training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and playing guitar. 

Key projects

One Dance UK was a key project for Nathan, where he worked across various disciplines.