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Mitchell Wright


Mitchell, Impactful Developer at Digital Wonderlab. Transitioning from his vital role as a Programmer in HealthCare with the NHS, Mitchell has seamlessly blended into the Digital Wonderlab fabric as a dedicated developer. His background has equipped him with a unique perspective, reinforcing the importance of creating digital solutions that aren't just technologically advanced, but also carry genuine real-world significance.

What fuels Mitchell's passion isn't just the intricacies of coding or the challenges of development; it's the opportunity to work on projects that truly make a difference. Each task he undertakes is infused with this commitment, ensuring that the digital solutions he crafts not only meet the highest technical standards but also resonate deeply with their intended audience and purpose.

More about Mitchell

Technologies and programs

The technologies and programs used in Mitchell's work include: C#, .NET, Sql and AWS.

Key skills

Mitchell's key skills include API Development and Library Development in C#.

Fun fact

Mitchell is a passionate climber in his free time.