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  • Website

What we did:

  • User experience
  • Website design and development
  • Google Analytics and training


Award-winning UX for commercial success

IAAPS Limited is a subsidiary of the University of Bath and the commercial arm of the overarching Institute for Advanced Automotive Propulsion Systems (IAAPS). 

The brief

IAAPS wanted to shift their image from strictly academic to real life applied research. So, they teamed up with Digital Wonderlab to design a new website that would present them as global industry leaders.

They wanted a website that shifted the focus from academics to engineers and industry heavyweights, showcasing their expertise, experience and facilities clearly, cleanly and concisely.

The solution

We conducted a detailed session to understand the audience's needs and challenges. We found that busy decision-makers, the target audience for IAAPS, needed a straightforward platform. They wanted a website that quickly provided the information they needed, spoke their professional language, and was trustworthy. 

The result is an award-winning clean, precise, and perceptive website. 

The outcome

After careful planning and design, we created a website that's not only visually appealing but also accurate and intuitive. We crafted every aspect of the website design to be user-friendly, provide clear information, and showcase their expertise. 

After the website's launch, its impact was quickly evident. The site became more than just a digital platform for IAAPS; it turned into a powerful tool for attracting business. IAAPS saw a significant increase in relevant inquiries, proving the website's effectiveness in reaching the right audience.

But the success wasn't just in the numbers. The interactions became more meaningful. Instead of just appearing as another academic institute, IAAPS established itself as a major industry player. Their website played a key role in linking them to key decision-makers focused on a sustainable, net-zero future. 

The results


increase in qualified enquiries


increase in time spent on site

decrease in bounce rate

"We now have a website that not only represents our company and brand perfectly but is also user friendly and engaging, it's become a vital asset of our business."

Isabella Griffiths, Marketing Manager, IAAPS