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Winners of Employer Award at EntreConf 2023

NEWS | October 18th 2023

Article by Digital Wonderlab

A Year of Impact and Recognition: Digital Wonderlab Clinches the Employer Award at EntreConf 2023!


At Digital Wonderlab, we are more than an agency; we are a collective of passionate professionals committed to making a difference in the digital space and beyond. This year, our dedication, innovation, and social impact have not gone unnoticed. We are immensely proud and honoured to announce that we have been crowned winners of the esteemed Employer Award at EntreConf 2023!


Our journey to excellence

This victory stems from our unwavering commitment to nurturing a workplace environment that not only fosters innovation and creativity but also prioritises the welfare and development of our team. A testimony to our ethos, "Our mission is to enable a fairer, more equal world through digital," every project, every innovation, is an embodiment of our dedication to social impact.


Marking the impact

In the 2022/23, 92% of our portfolio were impact-led projects, a milestone that reflects our relentless pursuit of purposeful digital innovation. We co-funded and supported the 2022 Charity Digital Skills report, established a Citizens’ Assembly, and became a B-Corp, reinforcing our commitment to people and planet.


Client success stories

Our collaborations with esteemed clients like Stratigens, IAAPS, and the British Institute of Human Rights are not just business engagements; they are partnerships forged to push boundaries, innovate, and create lasting positive impacts in diverse sectors.


Growth amidst challenges

Despite the tumultuous economic landscape influenced by the ongoing pandemic and global crises, Digital Wonderlab has not only survived but thrived. We marked 5 years of consistent growth, expanded our team and client base, and fostered new partnerships, showcasing our resilience and adaptability.


The Wondermakers

Our team, fondly referred to as the Wondermakers, is a blend of dynamic professionals driven by a shared vision of societal transformation through digital innovation. Their creativity, expertise, and passion are the engines propelling us to new heights of achievement and recognition.


A celebrated journey

Winning the Employer Award at EntreConf 2023 is not just a recognition of our organizational excellence but a celebration of our social impact, employee welfare initiatives, and innovative triumphs. From starting as a bedroom business in 2009 to becoming a trailblazer in tech for good, our journey is a narrative of passion, innovation, and resilience.


A future of more wins

As we bask in the glory of this esteemed recognition, we are not complacent. Our eyes are set on the future, a future where Digital Wonderlab continues to break barriers, set trends, and create a global impact. Our clients, partners, and the incredible Wondermakers remain at the core of this ambitious journey, a journey defined by collaborative success, innovative excellence, and societal transformation.

We thank EntreConf for this honour and reiterate our commitment to being a beacon of innovation, equality, and positive change in the digital space. The Employer Award is not just a win for Digital Wonderlab but for every client, partner, and Wondermaker who shares in our vision and mission. Together, we are not just making a difference; we are transforming the world, one digital innovation at a time!

Join us in this exciting journey. Watch this space, for the best is yet to come!

Click below to check out the video of the Awards Night.

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