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Winners of Best User Experience - The Techies 2023

NEWS | October 18th 2023

Article by Digital Wonderlab

A Triumph in User Experience: Digital Wonderlab Secures Best User Experience Award at Techies 2023!


In the constantly evolving world of digital interaction, creating a flawless user experience is both an art and a science. Our contribution to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance website has not only set a new gold standard but has also secured us the prestigious Best User Experience Award at The Techies 2023. Remarkably, this marks our third consecutive year of winning this esteemed accolade, a testament to our consistency in delivering unparalleled digital experiences.


A partnership rooted in mutual understanding:

Our collaboration with Wiltshire Air Ambulance, flourishing since 2018, represents more than just a project. It stands as a testament to our shared vision of harnessing the power of technology for societal good. By focusing keenly on the end-users — the charity's supporters — we've moulded a strategic roadmap that perfectly tailors to their digital needs.


Website as a hub:

The website is the hub of all Wiltshire Air Ambulance's charitable endeavours. Through streamlining user journeys and embedding top-tier accessibility features, we've ensured an all-inclusive, superior brand experience across all devices.


Revolutionising charitable donations:

Our dedicated approach to finetuning content and overhauling the donation system led to a significant uptick in website donations. This achievement powerfully attests to the benefits of a meticulously planned user-centric strategy.


The Mission Map: Fusing transparency with engagement:

Our pioneering 'Mission Map' offers users real-time updates on incidents the Wiltshire Air Ambulance service is attending. More than just boosting user engagement, this feature provides an insight into the charity’s day-to-day heroics.


Understanding charities needs:

Barbara Gray, Director of Income Generation and Communications at WAA, shared, “It was very apparent that Digital Wonderlab understood the world of charity and our needs – they just get it. We drew up a wish list of solutions, but the main thing was that they understand the charity perspective.”.


A moment of reflection on our triumphant hat-trick:

Being recognised as the Best in User Experience for the third successive year isn't just an award; it's an affirmation of Digital Wonderlab’s dedication to designing unparalleled digital experiences. Our ongoing work with Wiltshire Air Ambulance encapsulates the myriad wonders a stellar user experience can unfold.

For a closer look at our award-winning collaboration, please visit: Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

With a blend of creativity and innovation, Digital Wonderlab has showcased that marrying technology with empathy and insight can redefine the digital landscape. We aren't merely constructing websites; we're pioneering to make positive digital futures. Join us on this transformative journey!

You can check out the special podcast The Business Exchange recorded live at the event for our response to winning.

You can also view a video of the evening below. 

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