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Meet our Wondermakers - Interview with Kev

NEWS | January 15th 2021

Ever wondered what our wondermakers get up to in the wonderlab? Here's a quick catch up with one of the team to give you an insight into their world


Article by Digital Wonderlab

Can you give us a bit of a bio – a quick summary of where you have worked, and what your role is at Digital Wonderlab?

I'm Creative Director at Digital Wonderlab and I'm responsible for and oversee all of the creative functions of the business from brand, UX, design and front end development. I ran my own web design business up until 2012 when I came on board with Digital Wonderlab (or ojo as we were known at the time)



Why, when and how did you get interested in Creative software development?

I've always been a big user of technology in my day to day life and coming from a design background, the work I do at DWL is a perfect fit more me. I love being involved in creating solutions which challenge the norm and make the world a slightly better place each time



Tell us about your approach, how do you start a new project with a client?

I'm usually heavily involved in the initial onboarding work we do with a client from initial scoping and workshops through to UX flows and early prototyping. Sometimes it can be hard to visualise when we're dealing with design and functional concepts so I help bring that to life for our clients. We invest the time upfront to ensure we understand the purpose of the project and the impact we're looking to have.


What are the tools you use day to day?

Not a day goes by where I don't dip into the Adobe Creative Cloud suite. From XD to Photoshop to After Effects and everything in between, I use a lot of design tools as part of my day to day work.


What are your top tips for anyone thinking about a career move into Software Design or development?

If you've got a love of tech and a flair for creative thinking and design, come and speak to us! ...Always room for one more!



What’s your favourite bit of tech that you cannot live without?

I'd be lying if I said anything other than my phone. They've become such an integral part of life now it's hard to imagine switching off for too long. Apps I would struggle without...  Twitter and Spotify.



What client projects have you worked on recently and what makes you proud of the project?

All of our clients do amazing work so I'm honestly proud of them all, but one I've been involved with a lot recently is a revamp of a Mindfulness app which will be released in the next few weeks. It was a ground up rebuild with a complete overhaul of the UI and experience. It's got some original USPs which give it a real chance to challenge the big players in the market so I'm excited to see how it does.





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