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Meet our Wondermakers - Interview with Deborah

NEWS | June 6th 2021

Ever wondered what our wondermakers get up to at the wonderlab? Here's a quick catch up with one of the team to give you an insight into their world

Article by Laura Pinkstone

Can you give us a bit of a bio – a quick summary of where you have worked, and what your role is at Digital Wonderlab?


I am Head of Strategy here at the Wonderlab, I have an extensive background in consultancy and have held a senior leader role within a large national charity.


Why, when and how did you get interested in Strategy?


Working in the charity sector, developing new solutions to new and unrecognised problems I became interested in Strategy. No-one was doing what we wanted to do.

I had a clear vision of what needed to be achieved, yet working with limited resources, with external stakeholders and seeking to achieve systems change meant having a clear strategy was key to our success. If you want to solve problems you need a strategy.


Tell us about your approach, how do you start a new project with clients?


Immersion is where I begin. Taking the time to understand our client's world and the people they serve is an essential basis to any project I work on. You can never research too much or ask too many questions; what problem are they trying to solve and what impact do they want to have in the world?


What are the types of tools you use day to day?


Interviewing, ideally face to face but Teams video has been our recent reality. I have found Miro boards great for capturing ideas and thoughts into a single view. I am big fan of mind maps. And I also use Trello for planning.


What’s your favourite bit of tech that you cannot live without?


My mobile phone :) With it, I am able to access everything I need, every time I need it, anywhere!


What is your most recent client project that you are proud of?


I recently worked with UK Community Foundations and their members and I am particular proud of the support work they provide?

Working for an organisation that was front and centre of making a difference during the pandemic. They mobilised £68M through their member community foundations to reach the people in our communities who needed help. I find working with organisations who have such positive impact on our society is hugely rewarding.




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Laura Pinkstone

UX Designer

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