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Meet the Wondermakers - Interview with Darren

NEWS | June 1st 2021

Ever wondered what our wondermakers get up to in the wonderlab? Here's a quick catch up with one of the team to give you an insight into their world.

Article by Tom Passmore

Can you give us a bit of a bio – a quick summary of where you have worked, and what your role is at Digital Wonderlab?


I have worked at Digital Wonderlab for over 5 years now developing apps and systems predominantly using .NET C# and SQL technologies.


Why, when and how did you get interested in software development?


I have diversified somewhat from my original career path as a drummer on a cruise ship! Since then, I discovered a new passion for the development of software and systems and the good they can do for people! I then spent many years working through Microsoft's MCSD certification track through .NET MCV development


Tell us about your approach, how do you start a new project with clients?


My role is more on the technical side of the table and usually requires me to figure out what infrastructure we need to bring in order to turn our customer visions into a reality.


What are the tools you use day to day?


I'm afraid my tools are very much developer focussed so not the sort of thing everyone will relate to! I spend a lot of time working in the Microsoft Visual Studio suite and complemented by the GitKraken tool which is really cool!

If you're into development tools, have a look...

Git Kraken -


What are your top tips for anyone thinking about a career move into software development?


Software is used in almost every aspect of life now so depending on your language, the scope of projects you could be involved with is enormous.

If you are interested to see if coding is for you, is a great starting point. It's amazing how many tutorials there are available on Youtube but I would first recommend you speak to a software developer who can set you off on your journey.


What’s your favourite bit of tech that you cannot live without?


Like many, I cannot live without my iPhone. I use it for everything, video calling friends, os maps while hiking, buying train tickets you name it! (I don't even carry credit cards or cash anymore.)


What client projects have you worked on recently and what makes you proud of the project?


I have been lucky enough to be involved with a fantastic new project, a mindfulness and meditation app due to be released very soon!

It has been a pleasure bringing their vision to reality by simplifying the user experience, creating a functional yet beautiful application. (It was a key requirement of our client to ensure the app put the user front and centre, something we proudly achieved!)




About the author

Tom Passmore

Heads up the awesome “Devs” team and has the ability to make the impossible possible. Except shirt wearing – where he makes it impossibly loud to the teams delight, and proud to do so because he can!

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