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  • Speechy


  • SpeechyAI.  An AI-powered wedding speechwriter application

What we did:

  • Chat GPT Integration
  • React
  • .NET Core 
  • Wordpress / woo commerce API integration
  • Embedded Application


Cheers to ChatGPT

Speechy® is a startup comprising of a team of world-class wedding speechwriters, with their pedigree ranging from scriptwriters to comedians. Already a powerhouses in the space, their bespoke speeches and templates have elevated wedding speeches around the world, with recognition from The Times, The New York Times, BBC Sounds and the Drew Barrymore Show to name a few.

The brief

Our brief was to marry the power of AI with the expert skills of the speech writers at Speechy to create a more affordable option for people who wanted expert, bespoke help with their wedding speeches yet could not invest in working one-on-one with a Speechy expert.

The challenge was to create an authentic, 100% original piece of writing, without the usual wedding platitudes and cliches that would be generated from AI unguided or without significant writer intervention that would inflate the cost to the user.

“As the founder of Speechy and author of The Modern Couple’s Guide to Wedding Speeches, I was very sceptical that AI could ever produce a good speech, let alone one as intimate as a wedding speech. But when the Speechy team starting experimenting with ChatGPT, we realised it had the potential to be both very funny and genuinely clever…we knew there was something there"

Heidi Ellert-McDermott, Founder of Speechy

The solution 

ChatGPT was our AI vehicle of choice and strong UX our director.  We sort to gain the best possible material from the user by ensuring the process was simple and enjoyable, yet elicited all the information we needed to create something unique and personal.

Through a series of targeted online questions we are able to gain personal insight from the user.  This content is then combined with the grounded Speechy speechwriting principles and techniques that are coded into the system.

This combination has enabled us to design a solution that results in original and authentic speeches. 

The system also allows the user to edit specific parts of the speech, to generate further iterations, tailored to their style, so the user is ultimately in control of the outcome.

The journey

From idea to Beta, SpeechyAI was launched in 6 months, with our work from concept to delivery taking just two months.

Starting with an accelerated Discovery phase, we explored user profiles and journeys and researched AI solutions. 

Ultimately we chose ChatGPT due to its great API and documentation. We developed the solution through multiple proof of concepts, testing with Chat GPT and users before we went into full development.  We built the backend using .Net and React for the Front interface.  

The solution was embedded on their existing website using a WordPress /Woo commerce API integration.

The solution is currently in Beta phase as we generate user feedback to streamline and optimise the solution. 

Weddings are one of the few days we will all remember and everyone that speaks at a wedding wants to deliver a great speech, yet many people do not have the skills to do it as they would want to. SpeechyAI is a gamechanger for everyone from dads and brides to best men.  With SpeechyAI we are helping make weddings a little easier, one happy wedding at a time.

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